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We specialize in architectural and interior drafting, modeling, and documentation services that align seamlessly with your workflow. Our experienced professionals translate your design vision into precise documentation for every project phase, from concept to construction.


At ArchID, we achieve excellence in project delivery by leveraging our team’s expertise and seamlessly integrating with your processes.

Our experienced team, with backgrounds in top US-based firms, spans diverse project scales and types, from single-family homes to high-rise developments, hospitality, offices, healthcare, and more.

Proficient in all industry-standard platforms, such as Revit and AutoCAD, we provide end-to-end documentation, from concept to construction, with rigorous QA/QC processes ensuring precision and quality.

What sets us apart is our commitment to seamless integration with your project teams and processes. As an extension of your team, we help you streamline the delivery process, saving you time and resources, while also mitigating risks.

Our speciaLIZED services


We craft complete and precise Revit / BIM models for all project types. Before embarking on a model development effort, our expert team conducts a meticulous assessment of all project parameters, ensuring that our models align perfectly with your requirements, ensuring seamless integration with your design process and documentation workflow and that your design intent is maintained.

We develop precise and parametric Revit Families/BIM Content in compact file sizes, featuring Levels of Detail ranging from 100 to 500, all delivered in your preferred file format. We meticulously construct and validate families in the specific Revit version you need.

Our CAD to BIM Services extend to the transformation of various inputs, such as AutoCAD drawings, PDFs, hand sketches, images, single-line diagrams, and 2D or 3D DWG files, into tailored Revit 3D BIM models, precisely crafted to meet your specific preferences and needs.

Drafting & Documentation

Our journey begins with a deep dive into your design vision. We thoroughly understand your objectives, drawing standards, and critical project drivers. With our experienced team representing a wide spectrum of market sectors, we develop critical drawings that detail key elements of your design concept. By establishing an organized documentation workflow and delivery template, we lay a strong foundation for project success.

Our team’s diverse expertise ensures that every aspect of your design is meticulously represented at every documentation phase, from Concept Design to Construction Documents, as well as Permitting and Bid/Tender Packages. Our rigorous internal QA/QC process ensures precision at every step.

We excel in drafting and delivery of 2D CAD files, meticulously crafted in AutoCAD format, all while strictly adhering to your unique standards and project-specific requirements. Our drawings are carefully composed to encompass every essential detail, spanning dimensions, annotations, and layering, seamlessly integrating with your project workflow.



Aligning the BIM Execution Plan ensures consistency in BIM deliverables and streamlines communication among stakeholders.

ACC enhances collaboration, centralizes project data, and improves communication, leading to more efficient project management.

CAD expertise ensures precise and detailed drafting, providing clear and comprehensive documentation for all project stages.

Let’s talk about how we can bring technical excellence to your delivery process

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